BrushNet: A Plug-and-Play Image Inpainting Model with Decomposed Dual-Branch Diffusion

GitHub: https://github.com/TencentARC/BrushNet (opens in a new tab)


Brushnet can turn any sd1.5 model into an inpainting model. When you use any SD1.5 base model(e.g: runwayml/stable-diffusion-v1-5), the option for brushnet will appear in the sidebar. There are two models to choose from: brushnet_segmentation_mask and brushnet_random_mask. Using brushnet_segmentation_mask means that the final inpainting result will maintain consistency with the mask shape, while brushnet_random_mask provides a more general ckpt for random mask shapes.



Some configurations (such as ControlNet, LCM LoRA...) cannot work with BrushNet, and they will be automatically disabled when you enable BrushNet.