Download Model

Download Model

IOPaint will automatically download the model when the service starts. If you encounter any issues during the download (such as network proxy problems), you can manually download the model and place it in the specified directory.

If you want change model dir using command line arg --model-dir=xxxx.

Erase models

By default IOPaint will download erase model to ~/.cache/torch/hub/checkpoints/, so you also need to put the model in this directory.


By default IOPaint will download diffusion model to ~/.cache/huggingface/hub/

Chinese users may experience network issues when downloading models from huggingface. You can try using the hf-mirror (opens in a new tab) source to download. The usage is as follows, add the environment variable when launching iopaint:.

HF_ENDPOINT= iopaint start

Windows user:

iopaint start