Frequently Asked Questions


"Unrecognized data format" error


It may be a permission problem, please change the model save directory use --model-dir argument.

How to update to the latest version?

  • For installer: Rerun win_config.bat will install the newest version of IOPaint
  • For pip: pip install -U iopaint

'iopaint' is not recognized as an internal or external command


The error requires manual modification of the C:\IOPaint-v1\installer\lib\ file (the directory of this file may vary depending on your actual installation path). The modification is around line 173 of the file, changing the following line:

f = io.TextIOWrapper(io.open_code(fullname), encoding="locale")


f = io.TextIOWrapper(io.open_code(fullname), encoding="utf-8")

Where are models downloaded?

By default, models will be downloaded to the user folder

  • diffusion models: ~/.cache/huggingface/hub. For Windows users, it's C:\Users\your_name\.cache\huggingface\hub
  • lama and other erase models: ~/.cache/torch/hub/checkpoints. For Windows users, it's C:\Users\your_name\.cache\torch\hub\checkpoints

How to change the directory of model downloaded?

Add command line arg --model-dir=xxxx

How to add command line args to the windows installer?

Double click win_config.bat, and you can config all command line args in web UI.

How to change GPU device to use in windows installer?

Assume two GPUs, and you want to use second one, add SET CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=1 before IOPaint start in win_start.bat (opens in a new tab)

windows installer error 1


This is caused by moving the directory after unpacking zip.

windows installer error 2

Error message when run win_config.bat:

ValueError: When localhost is not accessible, a shareable link must be created. Please set share=True or check your
proxy settings to allow access to localhost.

Add set no_proxy=localhost,, ::1 line to win_config.bat file

set no_proxy=localhost,, ::1
@call iopaint start-web-config --config-file %0\..\installer_config.json

m1/m2 chip error: illegal hardware instruction

see: (opens in a new tab)

How to completely uninstall IOPaint?

Delete IOPaint program

  • For windows installer: delete the unzipped folder
  • For pip: pip uninstall iopaint

Delete downloaded models:

By default IOPaint download model to ~/.cache/torch/hub/checkpoints/ / ~/.cache/huggingface/hub For Windows users, it's C:\Users\your_name\.cache\torch\hub\checkpoints\ or C:\Users\your_name\.cache\huggingface\hub.


The default model cache directory may contain other models, so you should only delete the IOPaint related models.

If you used --model-dir=xxxx to change the model directory, you safely delete the directory you specified.

Why do I get all black or green results when using diffusion models?

Some GPUs don't support half-precision floating point numbers (a known issue with 16xx cards), a green or black screen may appear instead of the generated pictures. This may be fixed by using the command line arguments --no-half

How to avoid GPU memory OOM?

See Memory (opens in a new tab)