Windows 1-click Installer

Windows 1-Click Installer

You can always install IOPaint for free through pip, or purchase this 1-click installer for:

  • Show your support ❤️ for IOPaint's future development(new feature/new models) and maintenance(bug fix), your donation is a great encouragement to me.
  • Convenient environment setup, no need to worry about python or cuda
  • All plugin dependencies have been installed.
  • A web interface for server start configuration
  • Easy to receive all future upgrades

Download Installer

Get the installer at here (opens in a new tab)

After a successful payment, you will receive an email containing a download link. If you never received the email, it might be due to an incorrect email address. Please open an issue here (opens in a new tab) with your email to contact me.


Unzip the package, you will get a win_config.bat and a win_start.bat file. Double click win_config.bat, it will take a few minutes to install all the dependencies, and open the web config page in your browser. You can config all command line args in the web config page, such as select server start model, model download directory, etc. Click the Save configurations button will save an installer_config.json file in the same directory.

Model Select


You can enter the model name in "Current Model", including the models mentioned in models (opens in a new tab) or other Stable Diffusion/Stable Diffusion XL model id on HuggingFace, for example, "diffusionbee/fooocus_inpainting".

You can also choose from "Recommended Models" or "Downloaded Models", once selected, it will automatically populate in the "Current Model".

Model will be automatically downloaded the first time it is used.

IOPaint also supports loading local single file ckpt/safetensors (opens in a new tab).

Start IOPaint

Double click win_start.bat to start the server, the first time it takes a few minutes to download the model.

Check FAQ

If you encounter any problems, please check the FAQ first to see if there is an answer