IOPaint is a free, open-source and fully self-hostable inpainting/outpainting tool powered by state-of-the-art AI models.

You can employ a variety of models within IOPaint to alter images, encompassing modifications such as:

  • Erase: Remove any unwanted object, defect, watermarks, people. I have also developed a macOS native app called OptiClean (opens in a new tab) that provides this feature.
  • Inpainting: Make modifications to specific parts of the image, add new objects, or replace anything on your pictures.
  • Outpainting: Generate new pixels around your images to make it larger.

Here are demo videos of IOPaint, you can select various models to achieve different:


Erase unwanted from image using LaMa

Replace Object

Generate Darth Vader on a beach using PowerPaint

Generate Text

Generate text using AnyText

Paint By Example



Outpainting using PowerPaint